The hot, new venue offering a lavish feast of wet and messy fun -
with free admission and absolutely no bill or service charge!

“Good evening, sir, madam, and welcome to the Free House. Please take a seat and prepare yourself for massive helpings of pies, custard, beans, treacle and every other conceivable mess washed down with gallons of water. We have a strict dress code – all our models must be smartly attired or seriously slutty to start even though they will end up a total mucked up wreck and probably naked.

“Now if you are sitting comfortably, perhaps you’d like to see the menu…”




Tigerr’s Youtube Movie
Rescued from Youtube after they banned it! Tigerr celebrates our birthday by having 20 foods thrown in her face - from custard to dog food!


Red the Mucky Bunny Girl
Meet Red from the Mucky Bunny Club. Her job is to take anything the customers throw at her!

Scenes from Splosh! Day

Scenes from Splosh! Day
Luna Winter getting messy and naked at one of our Splosh! Days back in 1997

Holly's Sploshing Documentary

Holly’s Sploshing Documentary
TV production student Holly gets in the thick of the action in her Splosh! doc featuring Slimy Sophie, Richard and Bill Shipton!

At Home with Kustardy Kate

At Home with Kustardy Kate
Sammy's customer Kate has a quick messy session at her place

Maid Hayley Serves Herself
In her brand new satin uniform, Splosh!'s very own French maid Hayley treats herself to plenty of pie and custard!

Hayley Splashes Out for Sploshman's Birthday
Our very own Hayley decides to celebrate one of our member's birthdays with several buckets of water in her back garden.

Dolly Pied in the Pub
Decadent Doll is soaked and flanned for breaking the Govt Smoking Ban.

High Tea with Gilly
There's custard, cream, pies, chocolate sauce and a naked sticky encounter on the floor as bikini-clad Gilly strips off for high tea.

Bill Talks to Forum
Forum magazine interviews Bill Shipton about everything from cavorting in custard to late night kebabs

How to be the Perfect Stewardess
(WMV film)
A genuine British Airways uniform is wrecked with "wine", real pies, custard, soup, spaghetti, chocolate sauce, rice pudding and porridge in this FREE 16 min movie

Giggles Flies into Trouble
Our fully uniformed female WRAF officer is caught, tied and given a truly gross gunging

Sammy's Stinky Shampoo
Samantha-Jane has a gravy, soup, brown sauce, custard and margerine hair makeover and facial! Ewwww!

Scarlet Woman!
Read the feature by Emma Dubberley of Scarlet magazine on the day she came to be sploshed by DD. (Pdf file courtesy of Scarlet)

Lucky Buckets
Bucket after bucket hits the lovely Red in the gooey gameshow.

A Whole Lotta Josie
Our gallant goth gets sploshed in the bath.

Stacey's Chocolate Bath
Reader Stacey from Canada bathes her 40DDs in delicious deep chocolate..

At Home with DD(short film)
This Through the Keyhole home movie finds Decadent Doll in the bath...with lots of yellow gunge! (3 mins 50)

DD and the Treacle(short film)
A quick peek at a green syrup-covered Decadent Doll adding the final black treacle to her hair! (58 secs)

DD and the Firing Squad
DD's up against the wall as her neighbours chuck muck at her!

Clare's First Session
Cute Clare's first ever attempt at getting messy in a stunning satin dress

The Mud Lover

Clown Julie Says Hello!
By popular request, Clown Julie makes a brief but messy guest appearance

Soapy Sienna
Our big girl goes over the top with the shaving foam!

Hayley's Canadian Vacation
(Part 1: A Sticky Ride) A readers story

Boobs and Custard
Voluptuos vamp, Decadent Doll, dollops her DDs with dessert

What's in the Bucket?
Tiffany tormented with 10 big buckets of foul foodstuff!

Tiffany Fills Her Swimsuit
Exclusive never-been-seen-before photoset

Tiffany's Swimsuit Part 2
Now she's messy outside and in

Josie's Election Coverage
Exclusive slime and pie pics from our gooey

Desiree's Chocolate Coating
The chocoholic's chocolate frolics

Dinner's on Hayley
A reader's story

Josie Flans Herself for Fun!
Our gallant goth repeatedly pies her pretty face

Meet Desiree
"She loves to pie and gunge herself!"

Nurse Georgie Goes Gateau!
(a deliciously chocolatey photo set)

That Pig Pen Story...
(Hayley's porky tale of muck and manure)

Hayley & Fiona
(The two girls get creamy IM chatting about pies and custard)

Just for Starters...
(Jack e-mails his idea of messy foreplay)

Hayley Soaks Her Suit
(Our heroine recalls the day she got pushed in the pool)